Governing Body Awards

Governing Body Awards

We have very broad experience of both delivering and participating in a range of National Governing Body qualification courses and so we fully understand how important good quality input is for candidates in their journey to assessment. Although in recent years we have found ourselves too busy to continue delivering on the training and assessment courses, we are delighted to still be able to use our extensive experience to offer individually tailored preparation courses to help candidates in their lead up to assessment.

All of these courses are run on a private guided basis (although we sometimes have others wishing to be paired up with another candidate) and we spend time before each course discussing what needs to be covered. We’ll also end the course by offering an action plan to help in onward preparation – we want to share your award journey with you.

To keep things simple, we simply charge these preparation days at our private guided rate of £210 per day and then it is your choice how much time you need to spend with us (although you are welcome to bring others along to share the cost or, as mentioned, we may sometimes be able to pair you up with another candidate).

We would recommend that anyone booking a preparation day with us only books one day to start with and then, if needed, further days can be added once we know where you are up too. We also ask that you don’t book these days too close to your assessment so that you have plenty of time to put any action points we discuss into practice.

One other useful point to mention. As we are also providers of ITC first aid courses and all holders of national governing body awards require a valid 16 hour certificate to validate their qualifications, we are delighted to offer a 25% saving on first aid courses for anyone booking an NGB preparation day with us. Every little helps!

We’ve added some of the more popular choices below, but we can help with a broad range of qualifications. If you don’t see what you need please get in touch and we’ll be delighted to discuss your requirements.