The ability to navigate accurately is a vital skill for any mountain goer but it’s often neglected as people think the skills are difficult to master – all it really takes is a progressive introduction of the key skills then time to practice. Then, once you can navigate confidently a whole world of adventure opens up to you.

At Peak Mountaineering we have been delivering navigation training for decades and are proud to offer courses to suit everyone. Our instructors are talented facilitators who’ll guide you progressively and at your own pace – but it’s not all work – we always combine our navigation courses with a great walk and have a lot of fun.

If navigation is completely new to you you’ll want to consider our famous ‘Right Way in a Day’ or Introductory Navigation options. If you have a reasonable background you may prefer to step straight into our Intermediate option and for those with considerable prior experience our Advanced Navigation course will take your skills to the highest levels. Of course, if you aren’t sure which level to pick, just email or call and we’ll be delighted to advise you – we want the training to be right for you.

Our intro and intermediate level courses take place in the glorious Peak District National Park and for our advanced level course it is time to continue developing those skills in the bigger mountains of Snowdonia.

Oh, and all participants of our navigation courses receive a personalised certificate to prove you’ve been there, done that (and not got lost trying!). There is certainly something very special about our end of course award ceremony.